Cliff netting silver at mouth of Swift, what a place

This week a good friend and I were meant to be fishing for Salmon on the River Orkla in Norway, but unfortunately covid 19 put a stop to that plan. So, I find myself tempted to talk about destination fishing.

Fishing overseas can be fairly affordable or eye watering expensive, but it really is worth it. The world is your oyster with so many options and adventures available…..

Just to mention a few I have been to:

Alaska and North America for the outright adventure, small planes and jet boat trips usually plenty of fish of various species, bears and moose etc in stunning surroundings.

Norway, a beautiful place, with a realistic chance at a big Atlantic powerhouse of a fish. Do not order a beer, you will never get over the price!.

Argentina a long way to go but look what you get- stunning Sea Trout and fantastic Browns that both come in numbers and large sizes, the evening light alone in that part of the world is stunning.

Fishing overseas comes with a warning..

People said to me before I first went to Alaska that it would be a holiday of a lifetime and that it would ruin my fishing at home. They were only partially right, Anvik River lodge was a holiday of a life time, but when you have done something once you immediately start to think “well I’ve done it once, why can’t I do it again?”…… so I did!  My fishing at home was far from ruined, overall I found my fishing enhanced and left me wanting more and more.

So if this has inspired you to travel with your fishing rod but maybe want some advice and brushing up on your casting skills please get in touch.