New Year Resolutions

Various flies for various species

I’m not talking about food or drink, eat what you like were only here once.  What I’m suggesting is a couple of fly-fishing resolutions. The fly-fishing road is wide with many lanes and there is nothing wrong with staying in one lane, but it can be good to have a go down a couple of the others now and again.

If you’ve never had a go for Sea Trout, a couple of evenings on the river in July may be a real eye opener and game changer to your regular angling.  If stocked trout waters are your thing chasing Grayling and Brown Trout can add a bit of extra wildness to your sport.  Then there is Pike, large predatory fish with explosive takes, that can tail walk along the water, what’s not to like.  Carp off the surface during the tough trout fishing dog days of summer will put a serious bend in your fly rod.  What about Saltwater fly fishing, this is an ever-expanding field with Bass, Mullet, Mackerel, Pollock and game fish to go for.

Whether you stay with what you know or try something new this year, good luck and have a good one.  Happy New Year!