Fly-tying begins in earnest…

The fly-tying bench

As always the game fishing season came to an end in the Autumn and I, like many others planned a campaign of fly tying through the dark winter nights to replenish the fly boxes. As always, I am late out of the gate with the shortest day long gone and I have just started tying replacements. I suppose I could just purchase some flies from good suppliers, and I often do but tying your own does add a secret ingredient to the mix and we are all looking for an edge in our fishing, even if it’s only imagined.

If you have ever thought about having a go at tying your own flies, now’s the time with many local fishing clubs holding winter fly tying groups and always welcome newcomers. The Vale of Clwyd Angling Club have starter kits and books that they lend out for beginners to get started. These groups are a wealth of knowledge, with so much more to learn than just the tying; conversations will cover everything from flies, materials, tying styles, fishing methods, where to fish and so on. They will also often have guest tyers demonstrating their skills and techniques, a great night out, give it a go, there’s a lot we can gain from supporting these groups.