Craig Evans Fly Fishing Instructor

I was introduced to fly fishing on Llyn Clywedog by an ex salmon bailiff from the Wye.  The same man who gave me my first worming stick, my first spinning rod and all my early fly fishing tackle, as well as some oversized spare clothes for the times I fell in.

I have fished and wanted to fish as long as I can remember. Starting in mid Wales, worming and spinning on the upper rivers Wye and Severn.

His love of fishing and especially fly fishing was addictive to me as a youngster.

The fishing world has taken me to Norway, Alaska, Argentina and of course all the home nations.  But I remember what it’s like standing on the shores of a reservoir or river wondering what do I do now!  And why is casting harder than it looks?

These memories are what encouraged me to become a casting and fishing instructor. I want to help and encourage you into the world of fishing, and fly fishing especially, in a relaxed, friendly, and most importantly of all an enjoyable manner.

Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor

Full member of the Association of Advanced professional Game Angling Instructors Advanced Single Handed Rod (Trout and Seatrout) Master Double Handed Rod (Salmon).

I chose to qualify with the ASSOCIATION of ADVANCED PROFESIONAL GAME ANGLING INSTRUCTORS (AAPGAI) as they maintain very high standards and are recognised world wide.

Please contact me if I can help you

  • Learning to cast with a single or double handed rod
  • Fault finding and cures for improved casting
  • Spey casting with a single handed rod
  • Family groups, covering all the basics, all can join in
  • Transition from still water to river for trout and Grayling or Sea Trout and Salmon